Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Fashioned Embroidery Patterns

I was looking through a stack of old, OLD, craft magazines that belonged to my grandmother and ran across a folded (and torn on fold) paper that had these iron-on transfer patterns of long ago.

No, this is not for my Giveaways....


if any of you would like close up pictures of any of these as a go-by, you are welcome to them.  Here they are....

(1)  two flowers

(2)  circled lady

(3) flower basket

(4) horses

(5) tulips and heart

(6) cat softie

Hopefully some of you would be interested in bringing these old patterns back to life...

 If you cannot get the pictures copied from this blog, I'll be glad to e-mail the pictures to you, just let me know which ones you want. 

This would be quite an undertaking, but would love to see any results you have later.....

edited:  I added the picture of the cat softie after it was requested..


Mhairi said...

Hi. I don't have time to embroider at the moment but if you are willing to send me a picture of the cat softie I would love to make that. I don't need instructions just the pieces to get it together.
My son loves cats so this would be the ultimate hypo-allergenic one for our house.
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful old pattern sheet - I love seeing these.

Val said...

Some lovely designs. I downloaded the circled lady for a rainy day :) Thanks.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What a wonderful find. You will have fun using these, especially since they were your grandmothers.