As I slowly continue to add blocks to my DHs quilt, I have come to realize my memory is not what it used to be and perhaps I would need a refresher course as to how, what, when, or why I did certain things.  Also, I became interested in this Page idea, wondering if it is a "blog within a blog". So here I am, first chapter, so to speak, trying to explain the process of this quilt.

I checked my pictures and found that the first ones were taken in May, 2009.  I simply dumped all of  the clothes DH had given me for this project on the floor and snapped a picture.  No order whatsoever.  He had informed me that he had seen a TV documentary about the quilters of Gees Bend, Alabama.  One of the quilts was made by a widow from her husband's old clothes.  He wants one.  So starts the saga.

Because he wanted large pieces, I decided to really make large blocks.  I ended up with (approximately) 16 1/2" blocks.  I say approximately, because that is the size I hope to end up with, maybe...

I decided to use some old large squares of muslin I had received from either my mother or my mother-in-law.  They both sewed and at different times had given me some fabric.  These were sturdy, but older pieces that seemed to have been used before and been recycled.  Since I was using old clothes, I thought I might as well use the old muslin for the backing.  So a few days later, still May, 2009, I made the first four blocks. 
This is as far as it went.  I found with these blocks that I was not pleased with the construction.  There was no planning on which material I would use until I just rummaged through the pile and picked a likely candidate.  The placement was okay, but I needed a little more study and a lot more organization before I continued.  So it became a UFO and I went onto other things.
One year passed,  other quilts were made, and now we have even finished the flooring in our house, which included my sewing room.  I had been working on a subfloor all this time and was now able to start deciding where everything would go.  This is an ongoing process and another story altogether.

 Finally, last month, I came back to the bin which held the clothes.  Actually, it came back to me, in the form of my DH finding it, and (nicely) dumping the contents onto the floor in front of my sewing machine.  I took this gentle hint, separated the shirts from the pants, and decided that some rearranging of material was needed.
and came up with this:

We come to the present.....I have started with the blocks again, making 3 more (totaling 7 made).  I have also looked at the material my DH chose for the backing/sashing and have just about decided that 8 yards would not be quite enough.  That is not an issue right now because of the number of blocks I still need.  I plan to quilt as I go because of its' weight, so I have plenty of time to decide on another color that will go along with the backing. 

On my 8th block, I positioned the material the way I wanted and then took a picture of it so I could have a go-by.

We will see if this is going to be the final result.

6/26/10 -  Well, it was almost like the previous picture.  Unfortunately the collar ( blue/white stripe) I was going to use turned out really, really thick on the edges. I tried to rip it in two with Jack, but ended up messing it up.  Besides, the collar ended up just barely covering the remainder of the muslin.  I saved the remnants and got piece of the same fabric.  So this is #8 finished block.

Yes, that is green paint on one of the smaller pieces.  It is close to the edge and may not be as noticeable when finished, if it is even there. Adds a bit of spice.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

No, I haven' forgotten about DH. Since I have 8 blocks done, I have decided that my next step is to learn and try to start my "Quilt As You Go".  I want to do it now so that if there needs to be any changes inthe way I make the blocks, I won't have as many to redo. I am concerned that I might have to do a little ripping. I have fabric going all the way to the edge of the blocks; perhaps that might end up being too thick to work with.  So I am studying, preparing and in general trying to "syke" myself up to try it.  I feel as if I need almost a full day of preparing.  I do not go into something new lightly.  

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dust, dust, clean, clean,

Yea! Hurrah!  I have started quilting! Here is my neophyte (?) attempt at quilt-as-you-go.  DH is so happy to get this far, that he doesn't even notice if everything is done "according to Hoyle"...

I also laid these out on the bed and had DH show me how big he wanted the quilt.  I find that my estimate of 48 blocks was waaaayyyyyy off.  I will only need about 30.  That is another cause of celebration! (16" blocks).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Finished another block!   I will take pictures of it when I get a few more done, so it can have company!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's almost 3:00AM, and I just finished a couple more blocks.  I am tired and heading for bed after I post. 

Above is a picture of a few more blocks.   It does not include the two I just finished.  Too tired to take another picture tonight.  I have finished 13 blocks and have 17 more to go.  Still heading up that hill (seems like a mountain right now) and looking forward to the downhill run. 

Of course, then I have to put them together after that.   So there will be a few small hills and valleys when that time comes.

October 15, 2010

I now have all the components to finish the quilt.  I have made 18 blocks so far and have them pinned onto the backing and batting.  Four of the 30  blocks will have a different backing than the rest because I have run out of the original backing.   

I have decided to let DH decide on the arrangement of the blocks.  Because of this, I will finish all the blocks before I start the 'quilt-as-you-go" method. I will use a picture as a guide as I put them together. 

October 17, 2010

22 is the magic number today.  Only 8 more blocks to go.  I almost feel like doing an all-nighter to finish them all up...... 

October 19, 2010

Just finished the 25th block....5 more to go.  I chose finishing the blocks as my challenge during this week of Amy's Creative Style weekly challenge.  I am going to try and not only finish the blocks but have a picture of them on the bed in the order DH wants them.  Hopefully, he will have all the blocks available to help decide this weekend.

October 22, 2010

Bring out the band!  All 30 blocks are finished and in DHs hands now.  Last evening he spread them on the den floor and starting playing with them.  They will stay there until Sunday, or until he is satisfied with the arrangement, and then I will start putting them together, and tieing them at the same time. 

We have rounded the turn and I feel I am half-way to the finish line....

October 23, 2010

I am sewing the blocks together now... Once I have all the pairs together, I will put ties on them.  Then I will sew and tie the 5th block to each row. Then put the rows together and fix the edges and I will be done. 

Things are starting to speed up..maybe I can even get it done before the end of the month!!!!  Maybe.......

October 26, 2010

I have 24 blocks sewn together, 2 set of 2 in each row.  I am putting ties on those now and have 18 of them done.  It is a beautiful day today so I moved outside on the front porch with my table,thread, needle and other paraphernalia.  I seem to work so much faster when not watching TV.  I have a nice breeze, cooler temp., and two dogs to keep me company.  Lovely weather.  Pictures later this evening when I have to come inside.

October 27, 2010

Just finished tieing my 24th block.  Now I am ready to start putting the blocks in rows, tieing the last block on each row as I go.  Probably will start working on that tomorrow.  DH is getting antsy!

October 28, 2010

I now have 2 sets of sewn blocks on each 6 rows,,one made up of 2 blocks and one of 3 blocks.  After I put ties on the remaining 6 blocks, I will then attach one set to the other, making my 6 rows...and then.....
I suppose you noticed there are no pictures in the last few quick posts.  That is because I am waiting for the grand finale! The next picture you see will be the finished product. 

Thank goodness October has 31 days.  I still have a chance to finish this by the end of the month......

October 30, 2010

Last night I was cutting the batting from the sashing to eliminate bulkiness and almost cut the sashing.  It was only 9:00, but I decided to call it quits.  I do not want to goof up on something like that at this stage, even if it means finishing in November.  It's not worth it.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and started working again.  I am now delaying and procrastinating.  I am starting to put two sections of two rows each.  That is one heavy quilt, and it is only 2/3rds of the weight.  I feel like I have been exercising almost all day and it is only the start of the day......I may need to get DH to help control the weight, or at least help me move my tables to help. When all is said and done, I am going to weight this dude.....

I am having second thoughts about putting the batting in...I know on some quilts like this, it is advised not to have batting and just let the foundation piece be the in-between cushion.  But some of these blocks are made up of bulky items....zippers, jeans pockets, waist bands (with loops).  I would think they would be uncomfortable.  So batting it is......

BTW, I admired machine quilters before, but my admiration has hit the bell at the top of the WOW scale! One has to train (exercise train) to manuver these babies around.......and I am doing quilt/as/you/go!

November 4, 2010

It is Done!  I am finished.  Here is only picture I have so far.  You cannot see all the blocks because it hangs over the side.  Hopefully in a few days, after DH works his magic with PVC pipe and rope, I can show you an outside picture of the entire quilt, including the back. 

It was worth the wait......