Saturday, February 16, 2013

Christmas Butterfly

I have finished with the Christmas Butterfly except for the buttons for the eyes..Those I will have to find..I want them to be small black buttons, either the 2/4 hole kind or ones that are like a round ball.  Hopefully I can find some in my stash or one of my friends will have some.

It's roughly 46" x 26"...To repeat myself from other posts, I used the remnants of my Christmas Tree Skirt to make this.  Even with cutting the strips down after sewing them together, they still make large wings.  I hand fashioned the body, kinda free style (drawing is not in my skill box) and kinda "winged it" from there. 

I would like to keep it, and may do so, but my Christmas Skirt went to my DDIL, and this matches we'll see....

This is supposed to be a table me it is a little long for a wall hanging, but what do you think?  The back is done, but I can still make several tabs on the back to hold a dow stick..I don't want to ruin the front with stitching and am trying to decide whether to do that or not.  It could be hung with small clips on the top..

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Make it what YOU want it to be. No quilt police, no rules.