Friday, April 23, 2010


I have the glorious number of 3 quilts that I am in various stages of handquilting. I didn't just stay with one project,,,,oh, no,.... Sometimes I need to relax my hands from flannel quilting and so I work on my caterpillar quilt. Then I had an opportunity (?) to quilt while waiting in the car, drs. office, etc, and so took my smaller red/white/blue quilt I am working on.

I am having to quilt my caterpillar quilt from the back side as I cannot see the thread very well from the front. The hoops are there just for the picture, I take them out unless I am working on that project.

I am slowly making blocks for the blue/white top on the left. I would love to start another quilt, as it has been almost a month since I worked on other things than these 4, that being the baby quilt shown in one of the earlier quilts. But I feel that I need to work on these until I finish at least one!

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