Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tips I Have Discovered While Sewing and Quilting- Part II

1) Buy more fabric than needed...if you don't make mistakes, you can always make a scrappy back using the extra.....

2) When downsizing pictures for your quilting blog, do not get rid of the original picture until you are sure the new one is okay.

              2a)  Be sure to rename picture so the original won't be replaced.

3) Cut original squares for HSTs and QSTs a bit bigger than directions; when finished, you can always cut down to correct size.

4)  DON'T make decisions when you are tired.

5)  Use "Shout" Color Catcher when washing cloth/quilt/etc in washing machine...no commercial,,,it really works.

6) Do Not hang your quilts out to dry on a dusty day!

7)  Invariably, the top/flimsy using the new(to you) style fabric you were unsure of,  is the one you love more than anything....spread your horizons....

8) Your labels can be anywhere on the quilt ....be inventive...(I put one on a footprint in the middle of the back once).

9)  Don't use the "leftovers" of your UFO on something else until you finish it!  You may need them for the back or binding. (see #1).

10) The chance of your bobbin running dry will depend on your preparedness and level of awkwardness of replacement.

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Excellent bits of advice! The last one is too true! My bobbins always run out 2 inches from the end of the seam! :o)