Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Side.....

Mommarock wrote a comment on my Pipe Dream post re: my list of projects for 2012...

Maybe you could make them your blog header somehow.. don't ask me.. that way you would have to look at them every time you opened your blog.. it would remind you every time :)

Thank you, Mommarock.  I let the idea tumble around in my head overnight.  Result, if you look on the side of my blog under Picture Progress, you will see what I am working on.  These pictures will change occasionally to show my progress or show another new project.

If one picture stays too long, maybe.....

1)  It is taking me a Really Long Time to finish (as in handquilting)

2) I haven't had time to take pictures (shame on me)

3) I haven't been sewing as I should

4) I am on a roll and forgot to take pictures

5) my camera is broken

6) no film in my camera (What???)

7)  My machine broke electricity..forgot to pay my stash left.....


If so, you are free to e-mail and ask me "how are you doin'?? "


"Get Going, Lazybones!"

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Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

LOL! I love the excuses, but really - no film in the camera? Do you use a camera that still takes film? LOL!