Saturday, August 18, 2012

Old-New Machine - Kenmore 158.1751

See what I bought from my neighbor?

I put the blue behind it to help it stand out.

After I bought it, I not only bought the manual for it, I also researched the web and found this review:  Thank you, stitchnerd, I appreciate your blog post.

Anyway, she (neighbor) had bought it for $15 from Goodwill.  It had a note on it saying, "No foot petal", and the legs of the cabinet were missing. It does fold down into the cabinet...

She got it home and found it had a knee lever on it.  She cleaned it and puttered around with it, and decided that she would sell it to me.  Works like a charm....I paid a tad  more for it because of the work she did, and I hope I can find/make legs for the cabinet so I can continue to use the knee lever.  I Love knee levers!  Maybe when DH has the time, with a little push I can have him work this out...

I have wanted another Singer, and since Singer used to make these Kenmore machines, I am comfortable with it....

 Right now, I am not using it because I don't have a good table at the right height to put it on.  And it is a HEAVY DUDE!  The machine by itself weighs about 35 pounds, and the cabinet adds to it.  I really don't want to move it until I have somewhere to put it permanently!

Anyway, this makes 3 sewing machines that I own....I haven't named any yet, but thought of the Three Bears Story.....Baby Bear being my Featherweight, Momma Bear -Janome 6260 and, because of its' weight, the Kenmore 158 is Papa Bear..... Might switch Momma Bear and Papa Bear, haven't decided yet.

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