Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finished Top - Pinwheels

Size ~~ 32 x 49
8" blocks finished

Ya' know,,,,for a new block experience, these pinwheels were actually somewhat easy to make....a bit tedious while lining up the edges for the seam, but otherwise OK.  

Of course, I only made 8 of them..and my trusty 50+ yo Singer sewed through all the bulk!

Each pinwheel seam is double when I attached the wing to each block and one when I attached the blocks together...I changed my stitch length to smaller so there would be holding power.

I am pleased with the color combo....

I taking this along tomorrow when I head to Giddings, Texas (about 2 hrs away) with my quilt group to Gerline's, a lovely quilt shop there. If time allows, we might even go to the other local LQS, Around the Block, which is in town. The thick seams need to nestle into the batting the best they can so it can be used as a quilt if desired...

Also, Really, I am happy with the colors, but look at the outer does bring out the green in the blocks, but I am thinking some other fabric would look better....So I am keeping an open mind and an eye out. If I don't, I will always wonder.... It wouldn't take long to change.

Thanks for droppin' by........