Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Groovin' & Movin'


My 7 year old GD called the first of the week. She received her quilt and loved it. She said she liked the colors and enjoyed opening the package that was addressed to Her!

My DDIL came on the phone. This is a lady who is very craft talented, but has not sewn. She requested any leftover fabric so that she could make pillows and maybe a curtain "puller-backer". She said they were members of 4F and thought about both of them making a pillow or some other thing to decorate her room with the quilt as a basis...The fabric is already on the way. Of course I kept some, because I want to use it again also.


Look what I have done so far.......

Oh, the numbers on the blocks,,they are place markers...Thanks toTeresa at Fabric Therapy for her idea of freezer paper place markers, I have another way of corralling these blocks into submission.

I hope to make a couple more before I retire for the night....


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Isn't it exciting when a quilt is so well received!?! Hooray! It will mean even more if she and her mother make things to match the quilt. Like those blocks.

John'aLee said... those churn dash blocks. That was the block I used for my very first quilt!