Friday, February 4, 2011

A Heck of an Impluse Buy!!! ...or....KaBoom on Intentions!

This has been one of those days when my intentions are good, but my flesh was weak.  I fully intended to post and take pictures this morning as soon as I got up. Problem was, when I got up, it was too dark to take pictures and by the time it was light, I was still sleepy, so dozed off again, woke up, fixed us hamburgers (lovely breakfast/dinner choice!), made a list that I will keep but not follow, and dozed off again.  Some days are like that around here, unfortunately. Sometimes due to the fact that I work at night sometimes....

Anyway, I decided to start on the post and, if I can find the camera, will take pictures of the result of our adventures yesterday.  Translated loosely,,,,,,,I had fun in town and spent some more money!!!

We decided late yesterday (2:00 or so in the afternoon) that if we didn't get out of here, we would go ga-ga.  It was still cold, but very little precipitation, so we made the 1 hour trip into town to pick up my Janome from its' vacation at the spa/prison cell/day at the beach, whatever....and have some Chinese food to boot. 

Picked up the Janome, bright and clean, pd the $$ needed, ate and then,,,headed to the LQS to find fabric for two (2)  Journal quilts (365 days) I plan to make. One for me and one for one of my DILs (she writes, I sew).. I will be picking out fabric for one other Journal quilt (52 week) for my other DIL tomorrow when we go see them in another town close to here.

Here is one photo (still to be taken, BTW) of  her fabric.. simple beige, light brown, colors...

 I chose those because beween every 2 or 3 columns (16 columns in all) I plan to put a border large enough to put the handprints and footprints of grandparents, parents, and children (at the moment, 5 children, will be 6 by the time the year is up). And that sashing is to be bright and cheery.

Here is my colors:

 I will probably start on this after I finish the preparation and mailing off of the other two.  In the meantime, I am trying to write entries every day on my computer for later (started the 1st of memory won't go back until the 1st of the year, no matter how hard I try...).

Anyway, so there I was, at the counter with my plastic in my hand, when DH says, casually, "I want to show you something back here"...and proceeds to show me a sewing machine on display..He swears now that he was only showing me because I also have his mom's old Pfaff that she used so much the guidelines were wearing away and these reminded him of that. 

I swear on a stack of stash that I was ready to pay and go, but when he showed me this:

and said, after I 'oohed and ahhed" of course I could have it....what could I do?

 Looked it up this morning, and it was made on October 31, 1951 and is one of the many celebrating 100 years of Singer sewing.  What is so nice is that I also bought this:

A manual the LQS had for repairing and working on Featherweights... Plus, in late March they are going to have a class on maintaining your Featherweight. 

So my eyes were bigger than my stash, and my intentions flew out the window...

But I don't care!!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

How could you pass that up, and since DH 'pulled you over' - it was meant to be. Enjoy your new lovely.

mainer said...

What a great DH you have. Like the fabrics too. You had a great day!

Madame Samm said...

Ok, Love your pink fabric choices or peachy..hard to tell.. but I like them..the new old to have me one of those...I would be overjoyed with your findings...simply over the top filled with

dls said...

Glad you bought a FW..... I have my great aunt's FW from her school teaching days..... even have the table. Am a lucky girl!

Have been buying some extra feet lately from April's 1930s web site..... she is great and has a lot of FW things.

By the way, where is that class you are talking about at the end of March.... could it be in OKC?


Elly D said...

Very nice!!! Fabric and Featherweight :)) I'm afraid once you start collecting these vintage machines it's hard to stop at one... LOL. I wish there were classes for them here but that is unlikely to happen. If you ever figure how to slow down the speed of the featherweight please let me know so I can fix the 'fast or nothing' on mine. I have two a 221k and a 222k ;)