Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flannel Quilt: Thinking Process for Borders

Regarding my flannel quilt:

I admit it,,this is kinda a way of procrastinating..

But you've heard the saying, "Measure twice, cut once"?  Well, I am adding another phrase to it..."Think carefully".  Sometimes, actually a lot of times, I just go with the flow when deciding on fabric, design, placement, etc...I wait until something seems right.

Well, so far, I haven't gotten that "right" feeling about these borders.

And I am telling you now...there will be no pictures showing the final solution on this blog...However, I have progressed somewhat.

Ok, enough hemming and is the situation..

  Basic size of middle design = ~ 65" x 59"

1st Border is shown as finished 2", using  the same fabric as is within the red blocks.  I have almost decided to put one fabric on top and bottom, the other on the sides... this way I am certain to have enough for that border.

 Second border is supposed to be 5" wide in the blue....and I Love the blue!

There is No Way that's going to happen with this amount of fabric...


I even brought back some remnants of the blue I had when cutting for the 4-square blocks: 
blue is 4" x < 4"

They are called my "Last Resort Squeezing in Inches" pieces..

Hopefully, without going into a Math/Number discussion,  here are some choices.

1) Keeping the 1st border 2 1/2"(cut size) and (after very careful measuring) cut the second border either that same size OR a 1/2" bigger.

2) Making the 1st border a little bigger, and have a blue/white second border with blue still the predominant color. (ex:white on corners)...This will insure I have enough blue with a little white to fill in what is needed.

Either way, I figure the size of the quilt will be slightly smaller than the pattern, which is okay with me.

So here I am..Using most of the day playing around with the fabric, making sure...Because Once I Cut....It's Cut...

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