Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Books, Magazines, and Stuff

After reading an interesting thread on an online forum, I decided to start "cataloging" my magazines and on-line quilting print-outs.  There are so many good free on-line patterns  that are out there.

  I bought some non-glare sheet protectors and slipped some printed material from various sites on-line that I wanted to keep.  Ideas, (free) patterns, applique ideas, etc.  I do not have many magazines, but I have enough to where it takes me awhile to find whatever I am looking for.  So I hope to eventually add these pages also. 

My system before was just loose/stapled/hole-punched/paper in whatever would hold it.  Needless to say, who knows how much I have lost/thrown away/torn since I started. 

This activity serves two purposes:  1) Hopefully I will organize ideas into a semblance of order so that I can find things easier; and 2) I can work on this when I feel I need a 'thinking break' from sewing. 

Of course I have books on quilting as well as magazines.  Those I love and would not mess with.  I have the first 3 Quilt Lovers Favorites and hope to collect more.  Those by themselves would keep someone much faster than me busier than a bushel basket of ants....okay, I couldn't think of a good "bushel basket" idea...

 BTW, I snuck in another semi-progress on DHs CrazyQuilt.  The blocks (so far) are shown in one of the pictures along with a bolt of material that will be the sashing/backing of the quilt (his choice, again).  This will either be the weirdest quilt in existance, or the most unique.....wait for the next chapter. 

You crazy quilt people, please forgive me for the use/misuse of the term...maybe it should be called scrappy quilt, but DH started with the term, and I haven't the heart to change it.

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crafty pug said...

a good kick in the pants for me to get organised too. the pile i have of 'to file' things is getting out of control!