Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mother's Apron


....or it might even be G'ma's Apron...isn't it funny where your memory doesn't go when you want it to? 

All I know is that I received it from Mother long ago and I know it is at least 50 or 60 years old, which is easily within my lifetime, with a few years to spare.

I don't use is too valuable to me.  But I love the way it buttons in back, has a sweetheart bodice, and has the support straps going from the shoulder to the scalloped skirt of the apron. The pocket is a must in an apron, although this one is slightly small.

 A year or so ago, I semi-attempted to measure and draw patterns of the different elements of this apron, but never followed through.  I think I should retry again, but when I start, memories flood in and I get distracted.  I picture Momma in it, working at the table, kneading bread or mixing dough, or just washing dishes after a meal. 

So I think I will place it somewhere in my sewing room, on the wall or hanger.  To be admired and a reminder of things past that are so rare these days.

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