Saturday, June 26, 2010

Leap of Faith

Now that I have diligently worked on the crazy quilt for at least 4 consecutive days, I am putting it aside so that I can try to finish hq'ing and binding my flannel quilt (approx 55" x 55").  I usually like to sew a continuous binding, it seems so much simplier than sewing little pieces together.  This time I have no choice. This is what I have left of the material I am using in the quilt.  Actually, I am pressing into service the green plaid fabric left over from another flannel quilt. I might need it.

I will be needed approximately 240" of binding.  I really wanted to use the black striping (yes, it does have stripes on it)  by itself, but ...not enough. So I am going to cut all of this into bias strips and hope I will have enough.  Being flannel, I need to cut the strips a little wider than I usually do because of the thickness, which will add to the suspense.  Oh, well, I have some pink pasley and some blue flannel I can add if necessary.  That would really turn heads! 

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