Monday, June 21, 2010

Decisions, which one is first?????

So, it seems forever since I posted...much less posted about quilting...

What have I been doing?  My mind has been thinking, that's what.  On my way home last Thursday from seeing my new GD (Thank you, she and all concerned are doing well..she was lovely to hold and admire, bestest baby girl ever, under 1 year old:::I have 2 older GDs...) ...

Ohh, got sidetracked..anyway, on my way home I stopped at my LQS looking for a project.  I found 3 panels to make into quilts for my DD 2 Ss.  Yes, I plan to make all three of them...easy and quick, something to jump start me into sewing again.  Got home and found that somehow I had gotten one wrong big deal, DH and I went to the "big city" last Saturday and exchanged panels (only a 1 hr drive one way...).  Of course while I was there, I found some sale fabric which I bought. Came home and started on the construction panel (long and narrow).  After sewing the borders around it, I decided that it was too narrow , about 36"...I will remove the outer border, add a simple neutral narrow border and replace the outer border again, eventually making it around 42" or so.

The next panel is emergency/police vehicles and it is wide and narrow.  I decided to cut it in two and make it long and narrow also.  After cutting it, I now wonder if that was a good idea, and am debating on which configuration would be best.  That I am still mulling over. 

The third panel is are tool blocks.  Those will be seen at a later date.  After working on the other two, I decided that my mind is not what it used to be, so I will think about this one. 

So, today I worked on another block for my crazy quilt.  I have to explain about this one.  Several factors need to be explained.

 My DH is somewhat of a non-conformist in his ideas of crazy quilts.   I was told to make it out of his old clothes, the older the better; batting preferred; do not make uniform blocks; very little topstitching or design wanted; he wants it to almost drag the floor when draped over the bed (at least that was my interpretation); and not make it even on the sides.

Cringe, cringe, cringe......

I am making 16" square foundation pieces, putting the pieces on and will wait to cut the sides when I put them together.  Here is the one I made today.

I also should state that I have never made a crazy quilt before and really don't know how....and I will probably still be ignorant of the process when I finish this one!  Maybe I had better finish this one in a hurry....

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