Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quilting weather

Weather is coming......

or not....
Don't you just love to sew and quilt in inclement weather?  I thought I'd have my chance this morning.  As you can see, a humongous weather  cell(s) had been heading this way....NOT!

X marks our spot.  It has taken me about 2 hours to put these two pictures on this thread...thanks to figuring out how to get a picture from the web to here (I know computers and pictures, but probably took the long way around), fixing breakfast, neighborhood coffee katch, etc, etc.  But as of now, the northern part of the cell has shrunk to almost nothing and the rest is going south of us.  It never fails, we must have a weather-resistant fence on the border of our county which lets only the most determined cells through.  Of course, the humidity comes storming in instead!

At any rate, my original thought was how nice it is to work on sewing in this type of  weather.  Perhaps it is because we are temporarily absolved of the outside tasks that need to be done.  We feel cocooned and protected from the elements in our nice and cozy homes.  Before I started quilting I would use these days to snuggle up with a good cup of tea or coffee and a good book.  Unless the weather turned a little noisy and exciting (thunder and lightning) I now feel comfortable with my sewing machine and/or needle and thread.  Nowadays, we just unplug  our computerized machines and if using satellite linkage, as we do, realize the possiblity of being without computer and TV or, goodness gracious, no electricity at all.  But we can still hand sew and dream quilty daydreams.

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BaileyGirl5 said...

I love a cold, nasty day when I can stay in, make a pot of something on the stove, and just sew all day. Preferably with some cheesy old movie on in the background. Unfortunately we are having a major heat wave where I live and the thought of touching fabric is making me even hotter. Yuck!