Friday, November 26, 2010

Finished Tool Top

Yes, I have a brand new UFO.  Just finished the top to the Tool Quilt (52" x 60" ).  I cut a simple panel and simplified its' original pattern.  With the holidays and such, I figure it will lay in its' tool box for awhile.  My side list of things to do before the new year hasn't seen much progress...given the time of year I am not surprised.  

I have also come to the conclusion that grandchildren grow faster than a quilt can be made for them.  I have some darling fabric that is quickly being outdated by their recipients ages.....Wonder if a 12 year old would still be interested in Dr. Seuss??? 

BTW, I have decided what to do with my giveaway on my 100th post...wait and see.....have to take pictures first. I (think) this is my 96th post.


dooddles said...

I have that fabric! :o) I bought it 3 years ago to make a quilt and valances for my now 4 1/2 year old son. His new thing is super-heroes, so who knows if this now stashed fabric will ever get used? Ha! And BTW, I am 36 and would love a Dr. Suess quilt! ;o)

Alicia said...

How cute is that!

Rose said...

I just bought a panel of tool fabric...but the background of the tools is bright...which is fine by me. Just couldn't help noticing the difference.

As for Dr. Seuss at 12, I am 55 and still like him, our daughters are 28 and 30, and still like him, so probably a 12 yr old will still like him if they did when younger.