Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quilting is like Waltzing.....

Seems I have waltz time in my head.  Slow step, quick, quick steps,,,etc.

Every task  has a behind the scenes action which is necessary to keep up the momentum...reminds me of  the rhythm of a waltz.  1 slow step (starch, iron, measure, cut,) , 2-3 quick steps (sew, sew).

 Yesterday was a big step for me... I gave away a twin bed in my sewing room that was just taking up space.  We have other means for keeping company comfortable now...other bedding that is hidden or folded up in DHs barn...not that we would send people to the barn to sleep (that is another post altogether!)..

I have rolled this into the space temporarily....

while deciding whether to put this in its' place.

or put it in front of the other two windows I have on another wall.   

In the meantime, I am starting to work on a simple tool quilt that is taking a little longer than I thought to cut.  

 I also have to recut some squares for the mystery quilt I am working on... turns out they evolve into half quarter squares, which, if I had known, would have started out as bigger squares than the directions told me.  I do not have very much experience with HQSs, so try to allow myself room to work when I make them.  I should have enough fabric.

So my machine will have a rest for a few days, but I will be working..

See you in a bit.

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