Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Found These - They Were Hiding

It's amazing what you will find when you decide to (slowly) straighten out your stash....

I remember doing this....I had read in various blogs and the internet about "leaders and enders".  So when I was working on a quilt (can't remember which one) where I was able to sew a lot of  pieces together in a long string (see, I so can't remember this morning!...what is the phrase I am looking for...string pieces??),,,anyway,,,,,I decided to try it, spur of the minute. So I grabbed what was handy, which was left over pieces from this quilt I finished in Oct 08,

 and just started sewing.  I left the shapes the way they were (basically) and then started sewing them together.

I guess I finished sewing the pieces I was really working on, and then just put these away.  I know I have some other leaders and enders of other fabric somewhere.....I know I did not throw them away.....hopefully....maybe....

Anyway, I was thinking of using these as they are, throw them on a neutral colored background, and just sew.  What do you think?

Yes,  in the background are strips, larger pieces, and left over binding that I could use if I wanted to.....

(Sigh.....) Leave it to me to find these AFTER Halloween this year.. Well, I have a whole year to decide how to do this, if I don't lose them again!

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