Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Quilt of 2011 -Done - PhD Challenge #1

....or is the the last quilt of 2010 - done? 

I finished the binding of this quilt at 3:00AM on 1/1/11 (isn't that a cool date!) but did most of the construction (!) in 2010. It will eventually be sent to my DD and her family....

I say "her family" because she requested that ALL of their names be on the label of the quilt.  Big Label! 5 names + G'ma and 2010(date).... so I decided not to have a label....instead I incorporated all the information into the quilt. 

The back is actually a pale yellow..I just enhanced it so you could see the hand quilting better.  I roughly outlined all the equipment on the front and then just "winged it" on the sides and borders of the pictures.

Little background:  Originally, I sewed the top without the solid blue strips and corner blocks.  After deciding it was really too narrow, I added those and used the yellow as the outside border.  The blue really made it come alive. It measures 41" x 56".
So this is my first completed quilt, and the easiest, in Myra's PhD challenge.  Now onto the next one..!


Vivian said...

I'm a big fan of labeling quilts and I love the idea of you incorporating that information into the stitching.

Way to go for a finish!

dooddles said...

Now that's what I call a great start to a new year! :o) This quilt is really cute. Fantastic job!

Cheryll said...

OMG... you've finished a PhD already!!!!
I better get
Well done and congrats on your first!