Saturday, January 15, 2011

Odds and Ends Mini-Giveaway #2-tablecloth

Those of you who missed my original post on December 12, 2010 can read my "inspiration", "desperation", and/or reasoning behind my giveaways here. Edited version: I am continuing to clean my stash and sewing room, and I want to give anyone a chance to use some quilty/non-quilty items I found. There may be some items that you will pass on, some you will be willing to take a chance on, and some you Sew Want that you can't stand it... Who knows, you may be the only one on the comment list.....

Simple "rules" - just comment if you want to be in the running... be sure I can contact you...Non-Responders, you can put your e-mail address in your comment and/or watch closely for the winner and contact me through my profile page quickly.  My DH will continue to draw names out of a hat (bowl, whatever)

My mini-giveaways will continue to be on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

Now for pictures(click for larger view): 



This came from the same package as the first giveaway.....the pictures seem to have a little more purplish cast to them than they actually are..the dark area is purple, but to me, it is slightly more pickish in color.  The pictures are close, however.

Of course the first thing you think of is "Applique!!!"  For that use, the tablecloth is in good shape.  The colors are clear and soft.  It is approximately 45" x 50"and made of heavy cotton (feels like a tablecloth). I am not very knowledgeable, but I don't think it is linen.  It seems to have been washed several times and is still in good shape.

The flaws:  a hole in the middle, away from the bows and flowers ....maybe it was on a patio table with an umbrella.
Being a tablecloth, it does have a few stains and several spots, mainly concentrated in 1 side quarter (as shown in Picture 2).  It should not really present a problem either. I did not see any discoloration on any of the bows or flowers...

I put my 8.5" and 12.5" templates over the bows to give you an idea of their scale.  As I said, this is a "tablecloth cotton", so bear that in mind.  I have not ventured into the applique arena  as of now, but assume that the weight should be okay on a quilt or whatever.

Or, if you have an umbrella-covered table outside, that's okay too.

This giveaway will close at 10:00AM(CST) on January 17.  I will announce and contact the winner in a separate post hopefully as soon afterwards as possible within the next 24 hours.  Then the winner will have another 24 hours to contact me with their snail mail address.  Again, no contact, no winner,,,and I will have DH draw again....

I hope to continue these giveaways twice a month until I run out of things to will be an ongoing process with an eventual end.


PS:  What's going to be given away on Feb. 1??........


Colleen said...

Love it! I love vintage table cloths! Thanks! Im clenaing out and giving away my stash too!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is beautiful. So many possibilites. I did finish the bag with my other goodie - posted it on my blog. The new owner of the bag just loves it. Gals, you missed out on that one.

jennifer said...

I would love to own it. Thanks

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a sweet vintage tablecloth. Thanks for sharing :-)

gill said...

This is lovely - Could be used for sew many different things!