Saturday, January 29, 2011

Something is missing.......

What is missing from this picture?

Yep...My Janome is being serviced, Not as we speak...I took it in yesterday (Friday) afternoon which means that it will be at least Monday before anyone looks at it..Tuesday before they call that it is ready, Wednesday before I can go get it, and Thursday before it can be back with all these and working again.  And that is best case scenario.

But: I have plans to keep myself busy, as described earlier in another post:

I am handquilting the border of the tool belt.  I am lazy, so am using painter's tape to keep my sewing lines approximately the same distance apart.  This roll is 2" wide. I just put it down, sew next to it and continue moving the same piece forward as I sew.  Works for me..

Then I plan to set up a sandwich of this quilt top. 

We bought this black block from Lowe's.  I'm not even sure what it is, I haven't asked DH. It might be something like a water or sewer grate.  At any rate, it is tall enough so that the needle in my basting gun won't hit bottom, and heavy enough not to move easily.  Also, now DH won't have to make me a grid like he was planning. The gun is still on is a cheaper version of another one I may buy, but want to see if it will really work or not with machine quilting..

This, plus some other tasks I have in mind, should keep me busy.

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