Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's been happening......

There are times when you work really hard and know you are working, but there is nothing really you can show in pictures of how much you are getting done.  So here is a quick rundown on what I have been doing lately.....pictures and words.....

1) I have just been handquilting on this:

I have all the blocks done..just need to work on the borders now.

2) I have been trying to get back to my Valentine table runner..pictures you have seen in the last few posts.... and would like to make another one,,different pattern...similar fabric....

3)  I had a pile of giveaway items on my floor and needed to do some straightening up, so I took pictures, will be composing and scheduling posts, and will put them all in mailing packages, ready to be sealed up, addressed and mailed when the time comes.  Can't show you pictures yet..will spoil the anticipation.  Let's just say that I have at least one or two real good ones, depending on your point of view.. I will say to cat lovers and flower lovers:  be on the lookout in the next couple of months. 

4)  I have also just received this: 

I borrowed my neighbors' and basted my tool quilt with it...seems to hold up okay, so I ordered one..as soon as DH makes me a grid to place under my sandwiched quilts, I will try it out again.  Because of reasons that are unimportant, I would rather not use basting spray.

5) I have also been thinking seriously about machine quilting.  This would cause an even slower slowdown of quilts than I really want, but it might work out better in the long run, even if I only machine quilt baby quilts, or smaller quilts...

6) Also,,,,thanks to this: I have more quilts on my plate now...I will be shooting down my no-buy-unless-absolutely-necessary creed that I adopted about 27 days ago....didn't last long, did it.

I am going to start a 365 day quilt, + offered to help my DD, and two DDILs  with their 52 week/365 days quilts.  (they haven't decided what time frame yet). Have to kinda/sorta decide what layout the quilts will be now.  So those are ongoing projects that will get their start soon.  Hopefully I can do the quilt as you go method. Otherwise a year from now, you won't be hearing from me for at least a month!

7)  Sorta finished a draft for my Sew We Quilt (Stash Manicure) post scheduled for March (right now). 'Nuf said about that...it's way in the future..

8) And finally, next month, will be taking my Janome in for regular maintenance.  So will be machineless for a couple of days at least.  I think I can find things to do while she is gone.


Star said...

You are very busy by the sounds of it. Keep on quilting.
Is it expensive to have the sewing machine serviced?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I like the weekly journal quilt idea - been jotting my weeks until I find a design. I love handquilting, but you do get back-logged so I am machine quilting a lot of baby and charity quilts now. Those for gifts and the shop are all hand done. I am so glad I have 3 machines - so when 1 goes for the SPA, I have something to play on.