Saturday, August 27, 2011

A "Chef's Table" for Quilting

I bought the chef's table when I first started quilting..I cannot crawl around on the would do me in.  It strikes me chest high (almost 40")  and the top measures 50" x 23".

 It  is perfect for me to sandwich quilts on.  It has wheels and is made of stainless steel, very smooth with rounded edges.   The edges of the quilt hang over and seldom touch the floor.  I have gotten adept at gauging the length of each layer.  I do have to stand while pinning, and can only do that a limited time, but it can stay there while I do other things...I do have to be careful when working on the edges, that the weight does not make it slide off the table,,so when necessary I just put a couple of heavy items on it to keep it in place.  I did buy some clamps which I have used, but they need to be clamped underneath the rounded edges, and unless it is a really, really big quilt, I seldom use them.

I decided to start sandwiching a Quilt-Along top (approx 60" x 60") that I have mentioned before (along with the highly touted (sp?) back.  So I pulled out my table, laid out the newly unwrapped queen size batting I bought, positioned it on the table, then put the top on it.  After the top was positioned, I saw where I needed to cut to make a piece big enough..cut I did...

After that, I carefully lifted the top and batting off, with the top sticking to the batting well enough to stay together.  I then laid the bottom on the table, positioned it and called DH to help lay the other two layers on top of it..  Thanks again, DH.

It also has a lower shelf that has junk on it right now, but hopefully I can store my batting pieces on it soon.

And it can be rolled back into my closet when not in use.

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