Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Saga of an Recycled Cheese Board.....

I finally got around to making a portable ironing board out of a cheese board. At least I plan to...I am writing this while making it....I got it from one of those Christmas goodie boxes with cheese, sausage, etc.  It's never been used;  the main surface is approximately 9" x 6" and 3/4" thick.

Looking at the picture, I see that the pieces are not in the right order.. I plan to put the insulating fabric next to the main fabric, with the batting next to the board ..I am using about 3 layers of batting..may not be thick enough, but this is my first try at this and I plan to not to use it as often as my regular ironing board or the ironing mat I am planning to make as well.

I will be sewing the pieces together, hemming and trimming the edges of the sandwich, then I will hopefully be able to staple the sandwich onto the board without splitting the board...we will see...

Well, I measured twice all right, but forgot to allow for the thickness of the batting and fabric.  It might be better to staple everything from the back,,less chance of splitting..

I will need to make a larger covering fabric,so rather than taking off the smaller piece, I'll just add on another larger layer.

The only thing left before attaching it to the board is to add a small rectangular tab to the top (which is at the bottom of the picture...go figure??).  This is so that it can be pulled through the opening and attached to the back.  See below soon, hopefully.

Now for my secret weapon,,er,

"Ohhh, Honey...."


You can barely see the added-on tab coming through the hole at the worked well.

DH is so good at staples (1/4")...would be better if we had a better staple gun... This is the only part that I would change, if I could think of a better way to attach the fabric and still have it taunt and smooth on the front side.  I will need to be careful where I place this board because I don't want to scratch any nice surfaces...maybe another pad to go under it????

Any ideas?...

Oh, here's the front:

And no splitting of wood!

Whew!  Didn't think I'd ever get this one done....

Thanks,  DH  (Dear Husband,,,,Dear Honey....)


pirate said...

Now that you have the staples holding the back in place, why not use a sturdy thread (upholstery?) to whip-stitch those back edges together?

If not together, then stitch them to the underlying fabric.

Then you can take the staples *out* and have a perfectly smooth & soft surface.

Moving Boxes said...

Wow, this is a good idea. I’ll surely try it at home.

quiltjude said...

Oh how clever, I am forever getting out a tea towel to iron those little sewing jobs on. It really is too much bother to get the board out. clever you :)