Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I May be Calling Jack (the Ripper) For This

This week our quilting group laid out the blocks for our Habitat for Humanity quilt we will be making.
This is without the sashing..  The blank square is for a block that had to be worked on...I had to take the picture quickly before the blocks were distributed.

 Each of us took home 1 or 2 rows to put together, along with the sashing needed.  We will have a 72 block quilt when we get finished (9 x 8)

I am not a picky quilter, but I think Mr. Jack is going to earn his retainer Wednesday. Luckily I did not cut the strip I was given for the long sashing.  I still have a tail hanging on one end.......of the two columns/rows....

  I don't like the idea of redoing all the sashing, but I feel as if I need to put the extra effort in it.  My part might not be perfect, but it will be better than the picture, I hope...

With several people involved in making the quilt, we are bound to have a little sash sliding in places....but hopefully the people who get the quilt will be looking at the overall result...and it should  be great.

If I get a picture of the finished quilt I will post it....

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