Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catching up , Finishing Quilt B blocks

OK..In week 7, I got behind working on two quilts.  Something had to give, temporarily.  I lacked only one block to finish that week.

During the last two weeks, I have still fallen behind, so I decided to finish the blocks for week 7, which this block does....This is for Quilt A.

 I am now working in week 9 on week 8, which should finish the blocks needed for the quilt.  Because of extenuating circumstances, I was still behind at the end of the week...So I decided to finish all the blocks for one quilt (B) and see if I could at least start the sashing for it.  Quilt A will be done in the near future, I just didn't want to be in a rush and I needed to show everyone what I have been doing.  So here are the last remaining blocks of Quilt B.
Finally, I can show you all the completed blocks for Quilt B, which are not in the order I have decided upon.  They are ready for the sashing, which I hope to work on this week. 
Now, is everyone confused? 

I am anxious to work on Quilt A, because that is the one that I labeled, "out of my comfort zone".  Please keep checking back because it will get done! 


theodora said...

Hi there !! I em so envious of your progres, but in a goood way always in a good way, I am so far behind with the quilt along ,but it is because we are having a heat wave over here and measuring and figuring out the size of the blocks that is makaes me sweat, I am converting the dementions to cm. which I think was a mistake I plan of catching up soon once it cools of. I have been finishing projects that have been put aside. stop by and visit me.

2miracles/Tove said...

'beautiful' Dont feel bad about playing catch you, I had too play catch up and then I relized that I opps doing a couple blockwhen I was tired and take them apart. Were all making progress.

mainer said...

Good looking blocks!