Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sewing Space in Transition

Me and my mouth can get me into more confusion and disarray! Without a huge discourse of explanation, let's just say that I offered my cafeteria table, use: cutting area, for temporary use, far away from it's home.  This happened the first of the week and I have been discombobulated ever since! Other than using my dining room table, I really have nowhere to cut.  Unless I clear off the other table, which has a drop down "insert" for my sewing machine, which I don't use because the table itself  is a bit more wobbly that the one it is on now.  Oh, I know I really do have room..I see so many of you cutting and sewing on the same table. . I am spoiled..had everything where I could find it, and now I am forced to clean...

I have been sewing, away from the machine, quilting two projects.  But I need to get back to the quilt-along.  So today, I will take the bull by the horns and find somewhere to cut and lay out fabric and at least get started on this week's blocks. 
My room needs a bit of cleaning up anyway.  The dust bunnies are quilting the remnants all around the floor.  And they are starting to look good, too!

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