Monday, August 23, 2010

One Week Challenge

Here it is the last of the month, and Amy is throwing out her one-week challenge to us.
No excuses, I just have a lot to finish up this week.  I could piggy-back and choose something already on my list, but instead I'll do what I did last time. I will pick something I have been wanting and needing to do for awhile and have just been putting it off.  It is a simple task, one that will take me maybe 1/2 day.  Some of you could do it in an hour or less, but I am slow.  On second thought, after looking at the fabric, allowing a week for this doesn't seem unreasonable.

I need to make at least one pillowcase for my GSs.  I have the fabric and the pattern (thanks to Million Pillowcases)

Of course, I have to decide which or "whiches" dinos I will choose.  This will be a little more than sewing a couple of pieces of fabric together.  I think half the week will be figuring out how to place the dinos....

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