Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mystery Quilt Challenge

One of the members of the quilting forum on is challenging us to do a mystery quilt.  It is called The DaChintzy Code.  I am having trouble today getting the link for ya'll,  but if you are interested, google, quilting, you will get into the site.  Go to the advanced search on the same site as the list of messages, search for a specific message, and type in 60574.1 , hopefully you should come up with the first message that will give you the specifications for the quilt.  It is evidently a simple mystery, it only has four fabrics to work with.

The 13 clues start on September 1, and will be given in a separate post every two weeks (on a Wednesday).  That may seem like a long time between clues, but people requested it because of the time of year.


I have never tried a mystery quilt and this seemed to be a good one to start on.  The cutting directions are given first so that all the pieces of the puzzle/mystery are ready to go and the time frame between clues are great for a beginner mystery buff  like me. These were my choices, based on the description of the fabric.  The light colored fabric is actually more yellow/cream than it is shown in the picture.  I am finishing the cutting today. 

BTW, if any of you get to these directions, I would appreciate it if you would attach the link to a comment at the end of this post.  Thanks. 

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