Sunday, August 29, 2010

UFOs are talking to me!

A blog I am following, Quilts by Lee hit the nail on the head for me today.  My UFOs are talking to me so much that there is a constant noise as I enter my sewing room.

I decided that I no longer can handle that.  They have to be put in their place. 

I recently bought a nice set of plastic drawers with tops which can be carried anywhere I need,,,LQSs, another room, to a working place....etc.  There are 7 of them, which are nicely full of UFOs right now. Add 2 more that are not in the drawers, and these are the ones that I really would like to finish.

I am announcing to the blog world the list of UFOs I need/want to work on.

1) I need to finish handquilting this for my daughter.  A little each day is my goal.

2)  A dino-pillowcase for one of my GSs.  This is also the weekly challenge at Amy's Creative Side that  I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

3) These are couple of finished pillowcases that are waiting for more, so I can send them all to my GSs.  At least these are finished.

4)  Construction quilt top to be sandwiched and handquilted for another GS.

5) and 6) 2 quilts tops to be sewn and put together..These are my quilt-along blocks from Amy (again) that I have not finished.  In the middle of sewing these blocks, I read (finally) Amy's hints on making a correct 1/4" seam.  So some of these blocks are smaller than the others and I am trying to decide what to do about them....Also I need to sew a couple of more blocks for the set in the top picture. Don't know who these will go to yet.

7) This is my start of my free-motion quilt along that is just beginning.  Hopefully, I can keep up with this, because I really need practice on free-motion. Like, I have essentially NO experience.....

8) These are cut pieces for another challenge that I have mentioned, The DaChintzty Challenge, that will start September 1.  Clues every two weeks, so hopefully I can keep up with this too..I really like the fabric on this, so that is an incentive.

9)And finally, the long lost crazy quilt for my DH.  I still need to sit down and figure out how to put these "dear sweet blocks" together.  Nothing too hard, just get my mind together and figure it out. 

So the only thing to do now is figure out which ones I will work on first....

I have decided to finish the dino-pillowcase first because the week for the challenge is up on Monday and I need to get this done by then.

I will post again soon when I decide on the order and (maybe) the time allotted for each of these tasks. 

I really need to get the noise down in my sewing room.  It is too distracting!

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theodora said...

what awsome drawers and just the size of your blocks, don't feel bad I am behind with amy's quilt along, I also can't wait to start free motion, It's cooled of a bit so I expect to be quilting more.