Friday, May 6, 2011

Second 15 minute week - 4/29 - 5/5

Still trudging along...I finished and put together the pieces for the 52-week journal quilt in a portable plastic drawer to give to my DDIL, who will chronicle the first year of marriage from her weekly e-mails she sent to their family and friends.  I am giving her the sashing fabric, uncut, so she can place the blocks as she wants them..

One of my tops came out of mothballs, so to speak, and I decided on the type of backing I want for will require use of graph paper and math, so it will be a slow start.  But I have hopes...Sometimes I ask myself why I pick the more difficult ideas...mainly because I am curious as to whether I can do it, or how it will turn out...

Same picture as on Page:

I started on my curtains again.  Finished the ruffle of one more curtain, after a bit of ripping out.

Just finished the ruffle on the 2nd curtain..need to exercise Tues. & Wed. and run to stores, so may not get through with the 3rd curtain this week...Oops!  No negativity!  Instead say, I'll probably get started with the ruffle for the 3rd curtain this week!  By the way,  did you know that ruffles can hide a lot of Oops and Oh Mys! ?


Soon after starting this second summary of my weekly 15 minutes, I realized that I am tending to duplicate  some of the information on my Page and in these posts....But I still want a daily chronicle of my sewing activites readily I may end up with just the daily bare bones on my Page with pictures and details here on a weekly post...we will see how it transpires......


It is early Thursday afternoon (12:04 exactly)..I have just come in from the front porch, enjoying drinking water and watching birds (and pinning) so much that I have the urge to go back and do it again... The grass is calling to me, however, and the lawnmower is free from it's trailer that DH was using, so I might just hop out there for another 30-45 minutes for a quick ride. Won't get finished, but at least some of it will be done...

I found a quick and easy pattern/directions for a gift (or several gifts) that I might end up making for Christmas this year.. more on that later..

BTW, those of you who are wondering, I do plan to take a picture of my sewing room again. With the curtains, new table, and the new shelves it will be a little while yet. Really hasn't changed much, I still have the eclectic variety of wood, chrome, and plastic items around. 

Next week: Start on sewing mat & continue on curtains, essentially only one more to go + backings and sleeves..DH is watching the progress very carefully, planning his involvement with the curtain rods...

Added at the last minute (8:45pm to be exact):

3rd ruffle pinned and sewn on!  Only 1 more ruffle to go..!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

15 minutes of exhaustion! I'm dog sitting and just those little trips out for 'walkies' has me tired. Miss Queen is not found of me right now. Pets, laundry, and a little sewing - my day.