Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where was I Before The Lights Went Out.....Week 3 of 15 Minutes +

I did well this last week, really I did.. I took the journal blocks to my DDIL who has since arranged them how she wants them and is now, hopefully doing well with her writing on the blocks.  I finished quilting the wall hanging and started quilting the sewing machine mat.. 

My 15 minute page is lacking some entries.....hummm, wonder why...maybe they will come back..if not, maybe I'll take the time to try to remember what I said....

 The powers that be said they would try to get comments back up on the regular pages..those of you who commented, I do have them in my e-mail and have not forgotten you..those of you who have not seen the last post, check out the picture..Grandma's boasting time here.

See you tomorrow with my normal giveaway.....

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