Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue/White Quilt - WIP

I finally finished the last block for my blue/white quilt. The top two rows are put together, as well as most of the half squares. That may have been a mistake, because some of them run into two rows. Hopefully I can finish the rows without goofing up.

I got the block and quilt pattern from Quilters Cache, look for Sawtooth Square (12").

Anyway, here it is covering almost all of my wall, waiting to be sewn. As it stands now, it should measure about 54" x 54" (9" blocks). I don't know if I am going to put a border on it or not....I don't have enough of the blue and am hesitant adding another color/fabric to it at the end. Of course, I have to figure out the binding color also.

Well, I'll put it together and wait for inspiration.

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