Friday, May 28, 2010

Crazy Quilt, Preview of Coming Attractions (???)

When I first bought my Janome a little over a year ago, my DH told me he wanted a crazy quilt made out of his old clothes. 

He said there was no hurry.  I was glad.  I never made a crazy quilt before...and still haven't.  

I have not been standing still, however.  I have organized (?) his stash. 

and made some blocks......

....almost a year ago, now. 

I have decided, after he calmly found and deposited said stash onto the floor next to my machine, that it is time to at least show some enthusiasm about the project.  So I have started cutting these garments down to size, try to find some order and maybe create some blocks the way the instructions say to.  These first 4 blocks deserve their name "crazy" because I just started sewing them together anywhichway. 

This is no way the end of the will continue to crop up here every once in awhile...I need to make 40 or 50 of these blocks to satisfy DH with his large quilt.  

My motto block for DH, one quilt for me, one block for DH, etc., etc., etc.

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