Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spontaneous Rejuvenation

I have finally picked the photo I want in my header.  It is not a usual photo for a quilting blog. My great-grandfather and his family were visiting California in the mid-1930s, somewhere near San Diego, I think.  He was on the coast, near the water, and my grandmother took this picture with her Brownie camera just as a wave came up.  He was jumping to try to stay away from the water.  It is amazing to me that a simple Brownie was able to catch him in this pose.  On the back of the picture were the words, "Spontaneous Rejuvenation". 

So I chose this picture because of the history behind it, as well as the caption.   It gives me a sense of well-being and enthusiasm for life. Perhaps one day I will create a quilt that is worthy of that name.

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crafty pug said...

what an AMAZING photo! just a perfect, joyful moment in the history of one person captured - and now we can enjoy it and be inspired by it
thanks for sharing!