Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gone Fishin',,,for a pattern.

I bought these fish fabrics last October at Hancocks of Paducah on our long trip (another story). Since then they have been bugging me (mixed metaphore here).. I loved the neon bright of the material. I tried to think ahead for the sashing and borders.

I continue to look at these and realize that they can't ALL go into one quilt. The noise level would even echo through the Grand Canyon, which is far away from here!

So I am thinking.....what pattern could I use that would showcase these loud designs without being overbearing. So far I have come up with two general possibilities....

1) large, and they would have to be large, picture windows with fussy cuts of fish. I have never done windows before, so I would have to sew another quilt for practice before attacking this.


2) several horizonal panels, going from one side of quilt to the other, separated by sashing and the borders. Nothing fancy, just a ladder type.

Does anybody have any other ideas? I have to say now, that this is not my next is down the list a bit, I don't want to rush myself. I only have about 3 yards of each , except for the solids shown below....which I bought to do who knows what.

Also, I feel as if I should add some neutral colors, or something, to calm it down...or would it calm it down too much?

By the way, I am trying to learn how to post pictures within the content of a post, not just at the top. I haven't figured it out yet,,,,be patient.

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Ilyeana said...

I had an idea of what you could do with your bright fishy fabrics, let me see if I can rustle up a link ..