Thursday, May 13, 2010

Detours in the Round

Here I was with my label and binding ready to go on my caterpiller quilt....the finish line in my adrenalin was flowing.

Then I noticed my would run out before I finished my binding...and I hate to stop and rewind bobbins on a long binding seam. Looking around for a full bobbin that I just knew I had, I found two more nearly empty ones. I couldn't make myself fill another white bobbin........ not with 3 just sitting there, calling to me that they are ready and willing to serve!

So what could I do? I sighed and started putting the blocks together for my other quilt. After these brave volunteers have done their duty, then I will refill and continue on with my original goal.

1 comment:

Ilyeana said...

I know just what you mean! Almost empty bobbins drive me bonkers --- I do just what you do with them, and piece volunteers. Most of my quilts have "rainbow seams"!