Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now is the Time to Make Waves!

I sometimes feel as if I am on a work cycle, sort of like waves splashing around reefs or breakwaters....I have been sitting here, thinking and planning in placid waters, waiting for the next big surfing wave that comes on the beach with a roar and is really breathtaking!  I have waited long enough and plan to create my next big wave.  So onto the real deals....

1) I am cutting into my Seuss fabric before ya'll get tired hearing about it...I think I have figured out the top of one..A real simple cut with pretty sashing around each "block" , which happens to be a rectangle.

2) Practicing my free motion,,picture to be taken as proof and shown here in a couple of days.

3) And ....shock of all shockers...I heretowith(?word?) promise to try putting the backing on at least one of my DHs Crazy Quilt blocks.  It may not come out the way I planned, but at least I am learning while I am doing.  Those poor things are really getting old!

This is Tuesday...I WILL get this all done by Friday!!

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