Sunday, September 26, 2010

Progress, of a sort.

I promised several things in the last post...well, never promise anything in print.  Things happen.

I did touch on everything, however.

1) I cut my Dr. Seuss story blocks.  Now to arrange them.  As some of you have realized, they are not squares.

 They are 2 sizes of rectangles, which opens up a variety of layouts.  Being rectangles, the width of the quilt will need to be "padded" a little more than the length.  So I decided to take my time on deciding how to arrange these.

2) I did work on my free-motion.  The front looks okay, but I am not sure of the tension in the back yet.  Will need a little more work.  I have  been writing in my journal and keeping tabs, but I still think my tension needs a little more tweeking.

3) I have laid out and am ready to start putting together a (1) row of crazy blocks.

I only have one machine, so have decided to finish the one row of blocks before I do anything else, other than finishing up Clue #3 on my DaChintzky Code quilt-along, which needs to be done by Wednesday.

1 comment:

theodora said...

I've seen those cat in the hat block on another blog can't remember where ,they are awsome ,nice quilting you are doing good and improving, with practice we all do better, thats a nice crazy block ,happy quilting