Thursday, September 2, 2010

So, What is Next?

I finished my pillowcase a couple of days ago and they are mailed, along with the other two.

  Now I need to choose what I will tackle next on my list.  I have several on-going projects so those are a given. 

I will choose this:

I hope ya'll aren't getting tired of the same pictures here, but that is why I decided to go ahead and sandwich this one in preparation for hand-quilting.  Even though I am trying to keep up with the free motion quilt along, I am definitely not ready to try machine quilting on this one yet. 
I have no time frame on this, except to say that I plan to start it today...even if it is just to find the batting and the backing for it.  I know I am already handquilting another one, but it always helps to have a variety of things to do.


Theodora quilts said...

thats right a variety of things to do I can tell you are like me ,I have so many things started I get enspired so easily I just started a spider wed quilt ,I started with white and I also started one with yellow so thats two ,one wasn't enough and not to mention so many other stuff, but what's a girl to do ?

Judee said...

Nice pillowcases! The construction quilt is great too. Enjoyed the photos.