Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Morning!

It will be a lovely day today...maybe up to the mid 80s with wind (gusts to 35 mph....checking with the weather...hold on..Oops, that is 90 degrees, 15-25 mph winds..).

Won't do much sewing today..Readying for a visit by my DB who is coming up from Corpus (7 hr trip) to see the place for the first time.  Been here for almost 8 years now. He is bringing up a kitchen table of Mom's that will do nicely for a sewing table.  It will be replacing the table that I have been using.

I have the blocks ready to put together for my last two curtains.

I have decided to make a ruffleless ruffle on the top of each curtain...I'll be experimenting again....more of that later.

Remember "National No Housework Day" that Linda from Stray Stitches wrote about a couple of days ago?

Well, here is the result at our house....

My DH barbequed a cornish hen cut in save me from cooking dinner (I made the potato salad)...

Actually after peeling off the charcoal, the meat wasn't too bad..Guess the timing for cornish hens is different than regular chicken on the BBQ..

BTW, I usually cook them in the oven with rice or stuffing, but DH is on a BBQ kick, it is almost summer here, you know...and who am I to discourage a replacement cook!

Personal note:::Did any of you watch the game at Fenway Park yesterday at 2:00?  My DD was there in the band...


mainer said...

LOL...your blocks are perfect and the hens are funny. Good post!

Rayna said...

National no housework day? Every day at my house!

quiltzyx said...

Isn't charcoal supposed to be good for the digestion? LOL
Your curtain blocks look wonderful. :D