Sunday, July 11, 2010

3D Math is done!

It is bathed, dried, and ready to mail!

I finished my flannel quilt for my GS, along with it's "foot label" on the back. It actually is a free  rail fence pattern. This is the second quilt that I have made out of this material.  The light plaids are slightly different, but otherwise I used the same material.  I even have a little more, mainly the solid green, if I want to make something else. 

I named it 3D Math because the original pattern showed a solid black square and I did not like the bluntness.  I spend a lot of time checking and rechecking my math so that I could put a small piece in the middle of the square to break it up.  At the time, there was very little of that green plaid left, and that had a lot to do with the size of the piece. Later, after the top was pieced, I ran across some more of the same material, in New Hampshire, at Keepsake Quilting, and it was one of the fat quarters I got on sale there. So I was able to use it in the binding as well.

The "foot label" is the actual outline of my GSs foot that he sent to me. I am going to use it, along with the rest of the family's feet and hands in a quilt in the days, months, years, to come,,,,whenever I can get to it.


Anonymous said...

wow, I really like this quilt.

theodora said...

very nice quilt,and the math was right too. said...

this is a great quilt! And the quilting totally fits it!