Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bits and Pieces.....

When I got my EQ6 last year, the manual, a very good one, came with it.  Being like all other paperbacks, it was difficult for me to keep the necessary page open without resorting to clips, weights, etc. 

So I went to an office supply store and paid a very nominal fee to have the original binding cut and replaced it with a spiral binding.  They did not cut into any of the print and it took only about 10-15 minutes at the most.  They also added a nice plastic cover.  Now, I can fold the pages back and there is not so much wear and tear on the manual. 

They could probably do this with some loose pages from the internet, magazines, etc also, with the realization that new pages could not be added to the pages already bound.

Talking about magazines and internet, I have filled the green spiral notebook with the plastic inserts/internet downloads.  So DH gave me a "slightly larger" notebook to play with.
Think it is big enough?  Sometimes these get too wieldy, but it will do as I progress through the organizational phase of deciding where and how to "catalog" my patterns, ideas, etc. 

A couple of months back, by request, I received the following package:
Yes, it was the cardboard middle of a package of paper towels, reinforced  and covered with scotch tape.  I am pleased that it withstood the USPS handling and the contents were intact.   My DIL had placed a roll of white paper in it, covered with outlined hands and feet of both  parents and 5 children.  The roll was secured with a small hair rubber band.

I am eventually going to make a quilt for them, using these outlines, also adding the 2 sets
grandparents prints as well. 

Right now, however, I plan to use one of the feet as a label on the flannel quilt I am finishing up for my oldest GS (11 or 12????), if I can embroidery all the wording on it. 

 I read an idea of creating a "light box" using one of those battery operating closet lights under my plastic extension table that I use with my Janome.  I don't have one of those, but my DH suggested this instead.In it's upright position, it is a good, cool "spot" light I got at Walmart.  It will just barely fit under the table, and being a cool light, will not heat the plastic up.  Hopefully it will work, as I plan to try it out shortly.

Have a safe Fourth!

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