Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simple Pillowcase

Glancing through a home decorating magazine, I came across an idea for a throw pillow.  However, the idea evolved while talking to my DH.  He scrounged around in his closet and came up with a favorite, now-to-small rugby shirt which I conficated.
The next thing I needed was a simple bed pillow. Now you get the idea.

I slid the pillow into the fit! I played with the idea of adding batting inside the sleeves and leaving them on.  This might be a good idea if giving it to a grandchild, so that Grandpa's arms could be around him when he was sleeping....but I decided to cut them off instead.  Perhaps that would work with a short-sleeve shirt.

Since this was to be given to my DH (after all, it was his shirt!), I cut off the sleeves, sewed up the sides, and placed a cover inside the collar so the pillow would not show.

Voila! A pillowcase to go with his (UFO) crazy quilt.  The shirt cooperated, having a ribbed bottom which helped enclose the pillow within.

Did I throw away the sleeves! Definitely not!  I now have some more fabric to use in his quilt!

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