Friday, July 9, 2010

Amy's Quilt Along, week 2 blocks

Well, this has been an experience.  If one learns by mistakes and goofs, then my learning curve is off the chart.  I measured, remeasured, and still cut wrong; I sewed the wrong side to the wrong side even after Amy warned me about doing wonky things and to recheck positions, and went through about 3 or 4 choices (with cutting) before I was semi-satisfied.

BTW HINT: Did you know that if you are undecided about combination of fabrics and already have one cut, that you can lay the cut pieces down on an uncut fabric and see what it will look like?? I positioned the two 6 1/2" pieces on several fabrics and it worked like a charm.

Also, as noted before, I am making two quilts, one of which is sorta, kinda, really out of my comfort zone.  But I had bought a lot of fat quarters of this series and wanted to see how I would handle it.  I am finding out.  It is kinda fun, but I don't know where it will lead...(quilt A, if you haven't already guessed).

Anyway, here are the pictures:  have fun! Yes, you can click on the pictures and get the full effect.

Blocks 3 and 4, quilt A

Blocks 3 and 4, quilt B

Sewn blocks, Quilt A

Sewn blocks, Quilt B


theodora said...

both are real pretty, nice cheerfull colors,

Wee Quilts said...

Looks perfect! Love your cheery colors.

syocom said...

Very nice. and very fun

Amy - Park City Girl said...

They are looking great! I really love your Kaffe prints :)

Sarah Craig said...

Great blocks! I'm doing two at a time, too - I figured it was time to start on Christmas presents!

Anonymous said...

Both sets of your blocks are looking great.