Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Borders done, top completed,

I finished my construction quilt top.  I decided to add only one more border to each of the sides.  The blue stands out so I was afraid that two borders of blue would be too much.  So it now waits until I can baste it.......whenever that can be.


georgie said...

I'm about to make my little boy a construction vehicles theme quilt,I've worked out a layout but I much prefer your's if you don't mind me asking how big is your quilt?
I love it by the way.
Georgie x

Quiet Quilter said...

The sewn panel is approx. 23" x 44". I added two 3" panels to the top and bottom and 3 3" panels to each side. That makes it roughly 41"x 56". Thanks for asking.

Susan said...

Love the colors on this one, the dark blue really makes it stand out