Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guess the designer....My Learning Curve from 2009.....

I am starting the simple curtains for my room....finally decided on a pattern a few days ago...even with the stripes in the fabric, I want to try a pinwheel design..large 12" pinwheels...white and colored pinwheels.

I have had the fabric set aside for them, circa 1994 fabric...some that I bought at a resale store in 2009 while on our round robin trip to see kids, grandkids, and my sister in NH.  

So today I washed them with 2 color catchers (took two loads= 4 color catchers).  Still think they need more washing to set the dye, so will probably use Synthrapol this time...  Everything cool.

anybody recognize the designer style yet???

I was curious and, knowing a little more about designers than I did almost 2 years ago, I looked on the selvage and found....

that I am going to have Jenny Beyer curtains in my sewing room.  How lucky is that! 

Now that I know the designer, I am wondering if I can do it justice...but then I thought, heck, you only learn by doing.... Sooooooooo I am okay with that.

Of course I have to make at least 4 curtains and the tiebacks and maybe some other stuff to go with them.... but with the exception of one or two pieces, I have 2 or 3 yards of some of these dudes.


Don't hold your breath, but when I am done with these, I figure I'll have some leftovers and plan to use them in one of my mini-giveaways in the future....

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LuAnn said...

I do recognize those Jenny Beyer border prints. They are all wonderful. I always like her borders. Your sewing room looks very organized, too, and your new shelves will make it even better.