Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mechanic? Me????????

I went to town yesterday and came home!  (like my DH doesn't have any to choose from...but he chose these for me!)

I am so ready for anything.

There are: screwdrivers (large to jeweler size), pliers, tweezers, hemostat, vinyl tubing, small flashlight (sends SOS signal{may need it!} ), toothpicks, needles, & sewing machine oil..will add rags, fabric, sewing lubricant, hogs hair brush, thread, bobbins, scissors.. ready to be a rockin' mechanic on the 20th!

Will be taking apart and learning (hopefully) to put back together.....this......

Well, (again, SO hopefully) not completely apart....but who knows..

Bought the book "The Featherweight 221 and I" by David McCallum AND ordered and received the DVD that goes with it! ....downloaded a copy of the owners manual (for free) and had it bound at the local Office ******.  I have been reading and re-reading this thing until I am so confused about which screws to unscrew and which screw NEVER to unscrew! 

My sister once told me that she was willing to tackle anything,,,as long as she had the cushion of someone who could fix it if she goofed up...and even then she jumped in...

I will have the cushion of 4 hours of help...

I haven't had this machine long enough to become a fanatic....have I???


Vroomans' Quilts said...

How official looking - almost like a dr. lining up his necessities for an operation! OH, and an assistant too.

Hmm - maybe take some photos as you go, so if you get lost, you can back track with the pics? And a tin or cup, to hold the loose screws, so they don't run away on ya.

Theodora quilts said...

did I understand it right you will be trying on your own or there will be some sort of class? the feed dog bearing of my singer needed changing badly and I didn't dare try to replace it on my own, I took it in ,but I'm on the hunt for an old feather wieght or eny old machine ,the man at the hardware store down the street from me said that he found one by the trash bin someone I thought dang it I wish I had found it,Oh!well ,wish you luck, theodora