Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little Here, a Little There - No Shelves Yet

DH is taking a page from my book and cleaning/rearranging the hi-bay area of the barn... we will be taking the covered trailer to the dump so he is taking advantage of that also.. Good news is that he is coming along faster than I am on finishing..

So my shelves will be moving to their new home eventually.. 

Yes, my room is still messy, but not quite as bad as before..

My shelves will be against the wall where my ironing board is now.  Hopefully it will be put up and I will be able to use the small one leaning against the roll-around cart instead...  The blue laundry basket will be thrown in my closet in case I need it again... I need to decide how to arrange the notions I use when sewing.. I did buy some round hangers for my least used templates, but want to keep the ones I use the most in a more convenient place..My table that the cutting mat is on can also be used when I do paper work at my computer..  At least now I can sew while waiting for the shelves.  Curtains are on the agenda next and I have decided how to make a later post.....

The containers underneath the chef's table and on the rollaround stand in the first picture will find their place on the new shelves..then I can decide what to do with the newly acquired space there... My flannel-in-the-basket is now up off the floor and where I can see it (future quilt).

Soo more later......and soon I hope!

Now, off to sew~~~~


Theodora quilts said...

That is a real nice room you have ,you have so much space I can't wait to see the shelves they will be so nice to have for placing all your fabrics,for my templates I got some clear envelopes and I have them in a basket on my table in front and put them in like a file so I can look through them easily I have found it works best since I don't have wall space , a very nice room.xoxo theodora

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is such an awesome size room. But what I really love - is the windows. Large windows on 2 walls for lots of light and really opens the room. Some would see it as lost storage space - but if all your space is for storage - you aren't creating - you are collecting

Stray Stitches said...

You have such a nice large room to work in! And once you get your shelving in it will open up even more space.

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love your work space. Everything is so nice and clean, and you seem to have so much room, but the best feature is all that light! I hope your appreciate that husband of yours!